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About Piao I
Piao I Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the first company in Taiwan's tea utensil industry to be awarded an approval by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. to display the seals of "TAIWAN SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE" and "GOOD DESIGN PRODUCT." As a tea-making specialist for generations, Piao I has owned 12 hectares of high-mountain tea farm land.

Piao I begin in R&D of easy tea-infusing utensils in 1980. Their goal was to make it easier for the younger generations to enjoy the healthy tradition of brewing fine tea. The four-year efforts paid off in 1984 when the company introduced the Piao I Tea Pot. It was awarded the Gold Medal of honor in the 1987 Japan International Invention Exhibition.

All of our products are designed, molded and assembled in-house, and we have been awarded patents in several countries. With more than two decades of invention and innovation, Piao I has won numerous honors from many international invention exhibitions. Our products are widely sold across Taiwan and are exported to many countries including Japan, the United States, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe and Australia.
Our company's sales are still growing. For this we must thank the discriminating taste of our customers, and their willingness to recognize the high quality of our products. As a pioneer in R&D of innovative products, Piao-I is the most specialized tea utensil manufacturer in Taiwan.
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